Friday, 21 August 2015

Quiz time...

Today the SolarKids got together to explore the Genesis Schoolgen website, our own blog and to find out as much as we could about the fabulous solar panels we have here at Eastern Hutt School. We did a quiz about the Schoolgen website which was pretty hard, but gave us lots of practise at finding our way around. Now we know exactly where to go to find out specific information about our school's energy, solar power and energy efficiency.  We also did a quiz about our solar power ... what it is, how we harness it and what we use it for.  We are a pretty clever bunch of kids.

We also had a go with the Lux meter Mrs P downloaded onto the class iPod.  It's pretty cool.  It measured the amount of light in a room. We can compare it to Ministry of Education standards for light levels in classroom environments, and make recommendations to teachers and students about what they could do to improve things ... for instance, turn off lights if it is too bright, close or open curtains.  This is a great way to start thinking about energy efficiency.

Next time we get together, we are going to experiment with solar power and make some cars, robots and other things.  Watch out for a special update.

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