Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Energy efficient lighting...

Over the last few weeks our Schoolgen kids have been investigating energy efficiency.  We took a close look at one of our classrooms and used our Thinking Hats to come up with reasons why the room was or was not energy efficient.  One of the students questioned whether the lights in the room were energy efficient.  They are the long fluorescent tube lights.  So, we took a closer look at different types of lighting around our school to see which was most efficient.

We found six main different types of lighting.  We have long fluorescent tubes in many of the classrooms.  We also found CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent lighting), halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs and reflector bulbs.  We were very pleased to see that lots of our classrooms also had lots of natural light.  

Using some of the Schoolgen resources and fact sheets, and exploring online, we found out about how these different light bulbs worked and which was most efficient.  Sunlight is the best (of course), the fluorescent tubes were next.  Many of our fluorescent lights have 2 tubes in them, and when we measured with the light meter, were too bright for the classroom.  We would save power and provide better lighting for our students and rooms, if we only have 1 tube in some of these lights, especially where there is natural light from a window, or where that part of the room does not need to be overly lit.  We have recommended that as the tubes blow, we replace them with LED tubes.  LED lighting is far more efficient, and although they're more expensive, are far more energy efficiency and we would save money in the long run.  

What sort of lighting do you have at home?

Check out this good resource from EECA Energywise, where you can select the type of bulbs you have at the moment and see what energy efficient alternatives there might be.  Click here to go to the website.

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