Friday, 20 May 2016

Science Week and Schoolgen...

This week at Eastern Hutt we have been celebrating Science Week.  At all levels of the school, students and teachers have been exploring new things and making new discoveries, making things explode and expand, twirl and dissolve, light up and get wet ....  it's been really fun.  

Our solar panels provide a wonderful basis for science learning, and today our Schoolgen Solarkids got together to learn more about them.

We reacquainted ourselves with our solar panels on B Block roof.  We have 12 panels which are north facing and attract a lot of sun light.  We looked at our inverter, 'Sunny Boy' and discussed how the energy is converted to usable electricity and then looked on the Schoolgen website to see the data from our panels.  

We talked about projects for the year and energy efficiency - what we already know, what we wanted to know or projects we want to do.

We read a great book called Kiwi Kids Discover the Sun.  This book is available as an e-Book - just click here.  Then we talked about all the new vocabulary and science terms in the book and worked out what they meant ... solar, electricity, renewable energy, hydro, wind, sun, inverter ... 

Then we went outside and had a play with the solar power cars.  We learnt from last time that they didn't work inside because the windows have a reflective coating on them to stop the glare.  We went outside but there was lots of clouds so we couldn't get them going today either, but we still had a race with them down a ramp.  One of the students joked that we could 'jump start' the cars!  

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